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Ibogaine For Sale Online USA
Buy Iboga Online USA. Ibogaine may be effective for transitioning opioid and cocaine dependent individuals to sobriety. American and European self-help groups provided public testimonials that ibogaine alleviated drug craving and opioid withdrawal symptoms after only a single dose administration
Possible Benefits Of Ibogaine
According to the report published in Progress in Brain Research, a single “heaped teaspoon” of iboga root bark triggers euphoria. An ibogaine dose of 5 mg/kg of a person’s bodyweight appears to cause mostly stimulatory effects. Doses of 10 mg/kg or more of a person’s bodyweight launches a visual phase lasting 1 to 4 hours followed by an introspective stage, the latter of which gives patients insights into their addictive behaviors. Researchers have also found that ibogaine led to resolution of patients’ opioid withdrawal syndrome within 48 hours and was be effective in blocking return to use for years.
What Is Iboga
Iboga is a shrub. It is used for ritual and ceremonial purposes in some African cultures. The root bark of the plant is also used as medicine. Ibogaine is a chemical in iboga which is illegal in the United States.
People take iboga for fever, influenza (the flu), swine flu, high blood pressure, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, and nerve disorders. They also take it for preventing fatigue and drowsiness, for increasing sex drive, for fighting substance abuse and addictions, and as a general tonic.


Ibogaine, a chemical in iboga, is POSSIBLY SAFE when taken by mouth in smaller doses and under a health care professionals supervision. Due to potentially dangerous side effects it should not be used without advice of a medical practitioner. Buy Iboga Online USA
Ibogaine POSSIBLY UNSAFE when taken by mouth in large doses. Ibogaine might cause an irregular heartbeat, thinking disturbances, heart attack, and death.
Ibogaine can causeother side effects such as low blood pressure, slow heart rate, seizures, paralysis, difficulty breathing, anxiety, hallucinations and death.
There isn’t enough information to know if iboga the shrub is safe to be used.

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